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Need a job and need it fast? Use the power of Artificial Intelligence that finds your strong suits and match you with the right roles so that you can focus only on the opportunities that matter to you!

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Did you ever go through an interview only to realize that the profile was not a good fit? Apply for a job on Vasitum and we will pre-screen your profile to determine if you meet the requirements.

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Filling in lengthy job application forms or proofreading every cover letter can be incredibly draining and annoying at times. At Vasitum, you can apply for jobs quickly without the hassle of attaching a cover letter.

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Vasi was built to beat the boring blasé of bot-like responses with a human touch and the ability to learn from every interaction with you.


Don’t feel like browsing through the website? Let our AI-powered recruitment bot, Vasi find you the best jobs while you do the chatting.


When in doubt, talk it out with Vasi! Vasi is available round the clock to assist you with your queries and speed up your job hunt.


Vasi is on a mission to enable career success and shorten the hiring time. He is equipped to pre-screen your profile and schedule interviews.

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