Hire Future Ready Talent with
End to End Recruitment Automation
Hire Future Ready Talent with End to End Recruitment Automation
Vasitum is an automated recruitment platform and smart recommendation engine that helps business leaders make better hiring decisions powered by analytics and data.
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How Vasitum Helps You Hire Better?
Are you tired of jumping from one platform to another just to hire one candidate? Vasitum offers everything you need to make smart hiring decisions, that too with the power of automation. Take your recruitment to the next level with our full-stack recruitment automation solution today.
Cost Reduction
Time Reduction
Improved Hiring Experience
Automation Features to Make Your Hiring Better
Automate your hiring processes to hire smarter & faster with less effort and time. Vasitum improves your recruitment funnel and reduces the cost to hire.
Automated Sourcing
You might be using one job portal but the candidates are using multiple. With our automated sourcing, go beyond the repository and source candidates who suit your profile from any portal.
Automated Profile Ranking
Vasitum automatically matches the candidate’s profiles against your job requirements and automatically ranks them in order of their match & fit.
Automated Interview Scheduling
Vasitum's Al helps schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates.Vasitum automatically sends calendar invites, interview reminders and manages any changes to the calendar.
Actionable Resume Bank
Upload your resume database to the cloud and create a smart actionable resume bank for your organization to search, screen and hire candidates without being depended on expensive job boards.
Automated Screening
Send screening requests to candidates you like and let Vasi (our AI-chatbot), conduct their pre-screening.
Automated Assessment
Vasitum can automatically schedule and get the assessments done without your recruiters juggling between multiple platforms to evaluate the skills of your prospective hires.
Automated Background check
Document collection and background verification are exhaustive. Vasitum collects the candidate’s documents & conducts the background verification with minimum intervention of recruiters.
WhatsApp Bot
Manage candidates easily by communicating, screening, and collecting information with our WhatsApp bot. Send job application updates, collect verification documents, and do much more with ease.
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