Know Why Your Interview Follow-Up Isn’t Getting Any Response

Giving a great interview can feel amazing, but the anguish of getting that call can really distract and disturb you for a long time. You might try to follow up with the recruiter but they may not revert to your calls and emails. This can be the most exhausting thing to happen to you. We all hate the delays done by HR in telling us if we make it or not make it through the interviews.

Human Resource Policy

Companies often have various policies around human resources. These policies for legal reasons do not allow HR to respond to inquiries by the candidates. Hence this is one of the common reasons for HR to not respond. Candidates can sue an interviewer for discrimination in process such as age discrimination, gender discrimination and qualification discrimination. To avoid such hussles, HR do not respond to candidates and after one point candidates themselves stop pursuing the job. No matter how unfair this may sound but they do this to avoid legal tussles. 

You are not Being Considered

The chances for no answer, unfortunately can be because there is a lack of consideration in terms of your candidature, this thought most often gives the most anxiety to people who have given great interviews. 

Taking Some Time

There are times when recruiters are not sure whom to take onboard, so they do not respond to anyone. They take some time, see new resumes and want to see through a candidate pool, this can happen even when they like a candidate already. In such cases recruiters do not respond.

Waiting for next steps

Companies that don’t hold interviews frequently are not sure what to do when there are candidates waiting. They figure out their next steps and do not respond in order to wait for that. 

Unsure About the Communication

Companies are most often unsure about what to say, they don’t know what response they should give to you because a conversation can get awkward for them until they know the next steps.

Company Might Still be Interviewing People

Interviews can go for up to a week and continue beyond your interview. This does not mean that they are not seeing you as a top candidate but this happens because they want to exhaust their options before recruiting you. 

Waiting for Important People to be Available

There are times when the next round of interview is done by a key level person. At that point it becomes empirical for companies to have that person available. This can take up a lot of time since more than one person is involved. In such a scenario, they may take time to respond and don’t respond until they have fixed an interview.

How would you know which category are you falling into?

You can drop an email or SMS and directly ask recruiters to tell you the status of your job. You can ask questions like, are you still interviewing people? Another good question to ask is, what is the next step of the process? You can also take a number of other candidates while you wait for an interview and connect with them later to know what they were told. Doing these things can help you in your anticipation.  If you get answers like, we are still waiting for an update on your profile, that means the company is taking other interviews and will decide in the end however HR keeping in touch with you means that you are still their top candidate. 

HR is not Responding at all, What Can I do to Contact them?

If HR is not responding to your queries at all then that may mean two things:

1. You are not selected

Most HR do not respond in this case to save themselves from an angry candidate. In such a scenario you can email them stating that you really need to know about your status to plan things ahead and to kindly respond to you even if it is a case of rejection. This will make HR know that you are not one of those candidates who would get angry on them and they might clearly mail you a rejection letter.

2. Their HR policies do not allow them to respond

When this is the scenario then there is no option but to wait, But you can do one thing, while giving the interview you can ask HR about how will they communicate the status of your application. You can politely ask them “also is there any policy for you to not let candidate know their status till the end? If so, then please tell me”. This will only establish the fact that you are aware of these things and that you know how to clearly communicate and ask for answers. 

Since there can be so many reasons a recruiter is not responding, you do not have to lose heart. Keep your job search alive and be calm in times like these and focus on your current job. That call may come anytime soon.

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Viveka Batra

Viveka Batra

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