Automated resume

Let’s admit it, screening is a challenging task and recruiters or hiring manager waste a lot of their valuable time parsing through resumes; some of which are irrelevant to the job posting. Ever since artificial intelligence entered the recruitment industry, it has reshaped the recruitment process. In traditional hiring, resume screening is a manual process, but the digital method has been exploring AI technology in more than one ways. For example, fastening job application process, automated resume screening and faster job search.

Automated resume screening reduces the hiring process by up to 30-40%; and lately, recruiters have been using this technology to ease out the hiring process. Take a look at how automated resume screening has benefited recruiters:

No chances of error

A resume is a narrative description of a candidate and their job application. Therefore, it’s important that all the information mentioned in the received application is duly checked and cross-checked by the recruiting executive. However, there are chances that the applicant has mentioned some ambiguous information, not relevant to the job posting.  In such cases, the AI technology can upskill a recruiter by doing this heavy-lifting task.

Only the best-suited candidates reach recruiters

Using automated software for resume screening saves you from rummaging through piles of emails or job applications from unqualified candidates. The software screens the resume and matches the recruiter’s requirement with the information shared by the candidate. This means you’ll end up receiving a match rate of up to 90%. This way you escape the awkward situation i.e. rejecting candidates.