Side Hustles You Can Do While Working Full-Time

Who doesn’t want Financial freedom? Money lets you be independent, pursue your passion, and live life extra large.

Let’s be real! Our 9-5 day job pays us just enough to pay our EMIs, Bills, take care of our needs, etc, leaving us no scope for enjoying luxury. This is especially true if you are in the early stages of your career. But if you actually want to create a difference in your financial endeavors, Side Hustle is a great way of earning those extra bugs.

A side hustle is a way of cashing out the skills that you already possess by offering them as a service. There is plenty of work in the world and there’s something for everyone. Unlike your day job, Side Hustles give you the liberty to do what you enjoy doing. It is more like a pass-time but with more responsibility.

If that was convincing enough and you are finally up for some extra hustle to make your wallet bulge, here’s a list of Side Hustles you could try out online

Start Online Tutoring and Instructing

21st-century individuals are constantly on the lookout for learning something new or excelling in what they do. If there is a skill that you know you are good at,  help people who are craving to learn it. If you think you can be a good teacher, there are plenty of individuals who are willing to pay you good money. In fact, the pandemic has opened up even more avenues for online coaching.

This is where you cash out. Set up a profile on LinkedIn or reach out to your contacts and let them know that you are up for coaching them in a particular skill. 

Become a Freelancer

Startups and Entrepreneurs have been preferring freelancers over full-timers and are ready to pay skilled freelancers a bomb. Thanks to the internet and social media that freelancers are able to get gigs from across the country and even the world. Be a part of the gig economy and take up projects that meet your skills. From simple DMing to starting out on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and, there are different ways of finding clients. Here are some great freelancing professions. 

1. Writing

Content Writing, Copywriting, and editing are three skills that companies are hunting for. The current market offers a minimum of 60 paise per word and this can go up to 2 Rs based on your experience. All you have to do is prepare some sample works, look for freelance gigs on the internet, and pitch yourself to them. 

2. Photography

The camera is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Who doesn’t want to capture a moment of their life and cherish that moment forever?  One of the greatest pieces of work is the camera.  Did you know that you can also sell photos and videos from your mobile? Now that you know that, pick up your camera, click dope photos and sell them on stock platforms.

3. Virtual Assistance

Business owners around the world are looking for people who can assist them with their administrative work. All you need to do is do their backend administrative work from home. Look for clients who can pay you a good amount for your virtual assistance in return.

4. Social Media Manager

Do you have a good eye for trends and an understanding of social media metrics? You can use your expertise in helping brands around you grow by creating platform-specific content.

5. Graphic Designers & Web Developers

Graphic designing, Web development, and app development are some services that have been in high demand for a year. In fact, India has half a million internet subscribers. If you were the techie at your college and want to revive your love for programming and designing, Digital creator is one great option for you. 

The best part is you can pump up your wallet while rejuvenating yourself by doing something you love.

6. Transcribing

If you are into learning new languages, transcribing could be your side hustle. A wide variety of industries, ranging from government to medicine to business to education and everything in between are looking for people to transcribe. 

The secret of successful freelancing is choosing quality over quantity. Instead of having 10 less paying clients, have 2-3 clients who pay you based on your value.

Do Online surveys

Is there a more comfortable workspace in the world than your own home? Online surveys give you the option of making money at the comfort of your home, quite literally. All you need to do is give honest answers to questions, express, and share your opinions on company surveys.

These are some of the Side Hustles you can do alongside your regular jobs to earn that extra cash.

Start your Side Hustle today.


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