Monday, September 21, 2020

Use Your Career Failure to Impress the Job Interviewer

Scared of failing or getting fired? Well, then you are surely not the one! Failure feels quite disappointing, and it can be utterly crushing when you dream big, and everything comes slamming down....
How to face rejections positively

How to deal with Rejection in a Job Interview Positively

We've all been there! The fear of a rejection letter, email, or telephone call is never a pleasant experience if you have confronted a few rejections in your pursuit of employment. Rejection...
Biggest Mistakes Candidates Make in a Job Interview

Biggest Mistakes Candidates Make in a Job Interview

Individuals who have been searching for a job since long, actually knows how it feels when called for an interview. It is worth an achievement and confidence within yourself. The journey from...
Things recruiter say vs what they mean

Things Recruiters say Vs. What they actually Mean!

Recruiters aren’t exactly renowned for their transparency. And cracking their code is not everyone’s cup of tea. While recruiters can be great resources during your job search, but,...

Things Recruiters can’t reveal to a Candidate

Sometimes the recruiters and the hiring managers often seem may seem frightening, but they genuinely want and are in favour of the benefit of both the candidate and...
Job interview

These Job Interview Hacks will give you an Edge over the Rest

Job interviews are scary and feeling nervous is natural, but for some people it’s worse than normal. The mere thought of being under scrutiny is nerve-wracking, and the worst part is that...
Job Interview

Ace your Job Interview with these ‘POWER’ Words

While on their job interviews, most candidates often fret over how to impress their interviewer within the first few minutes of the meeting. Although there’s little more time than that; but it's...

3 Reasons you’re getting Rejected From Jobs

Rejection is an inevitable part of our journey, both in the professional and personal aspect. However, it may hurt at times when you’ve no clue as to what went wrong, and where?...

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