Right time to Start looking for a New Job!

Looking for the right job or a new job takes time and effort. It might feel that a high-paying job can help one escape the impending doom – dull life, low finances,...

HOLD ON: These Mistakes could cost Candidate the Job

A resume for any candidate serves not only as a first impression but also as the potential ticket of a candidate to a job interview. As the competition for employment becomes fiercer,...

People don’t Quit Jobs- they Quit Boss

People decide to leave jobs based on the people they work with, especially their boss. Dealing with a difficult boss is demanding at best and emotionally stressful at worst. It can impact...

Never do These four Things During Salary Negotiation!

Do we ever think, any job is better than having no job at all? The most common misconception about the job search is to accept the first offer, without any salary negotiation...
Job Resignation

What to do before you say ‘I Quit’ this job?

Are you looking for the best ways to quit a job? I would suggest, start planning an exit strategy to quit job. Yes, an exit strategy is a critical component, and it...
interview tips

Is your Job a good Fit for You?

For most entry-level job seekers, the search for an ideal job includes finding one, successfully qualifying the interview and joining the company. But as one gain work experience, searching for a new...

Hey Millennials! Consider these when you Network Online

"Trends come and go all the time, but style endures." The style of networking: an age-old way to connect with people (unrelated to you), has come around and how. Lately, Millenials have...
Resume maker

5 Reasons why your Resume is Failing You

Imagine a recruiter, who has been trying to fill multiple roles. They draft the job description, post the opportunity across platforms, and then have to troll through the line-up of various applicants....
Job Interview

Ace your Job Interview with these ‘POWER’ Words

While on their job interviews, most candidates often fret over how to impress their interviewer within the first few minutes of the meeting. Although there’s little more time than that; but it's...

3 Reasons you’re getting Rejected From Jobs

Rejection is an inevitable part of our journey, both in the professional and personal aspect. However, it may hurt at times when you’ve no clue as to what went wrong, and where?...

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