Automated resume

Advantages of Automated Resume Screening

Let's admit it, screening is a challenging task and recruiters or hiring manager waste a lot of their valuable time parsing through resumes; some of which are irrelevant...

10 Tips to Craft an Impressive Resume

Having an impressive resume that includes all components is essential to landing your next job. Therefore, keep in mind that your resume is not for you, it's for the hiring managers: the...
digital resume

Digital Resume: The New Revolution of the Millennial Generation

Millennials or Gen-Xers are smart, confident and reality-oriented. They have gained the reputation of being the new ‘Job Hopping Generation,' as they don’t mind switching jobs and career; for they...

HOLD ON: These Mistakes could cost Candidate the Job

A resume for any candidate serves not only as a first impression but also as the potential ticket of a candidate to a job interview. As the competition for employment becomes fiercer,...

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