job vs masters

Job vs Master’s: How to Make a Meaningful Decision

After completing a bachelor's degree, many people have to make a crucial decision and choose between starting their career or pursuing higher studies. Some want to work for a few years after...
Reasons You Should or Shouldn't Quit Your Job

When is the Right Time to Quit? Decide if You Should!

We’ve all had that one frustrating day where we’d rather get punched in the gut than go to our jobs which makes us feel like a waste. However, we remind ourselves of...
a complete guide about product manager

Everything You Need to Know About a Product Manager

Software engineers are the key to building a product’s foundations. Marketing experts need to gain and nurture leads. User Interface and User Experience teams need to know and define the product from...
An ultimate guide on data science

A Guide To Become a Data Scientist

Data Scientist has become one of the most demanded jobs of the 21st century. It has become a buzzword that almost everyone talks about these days. Data Science is about extraction, readiness,...
Negotiating Salary in an interview

The Art of Salary Negotiation

“If you walk into a salary negotiation without a number, you are at the mercy of an experienced hiring manager” - Ramit Sethi Salary negotiations - Dos and Don'ts Did...
job opportunity

Signs You’re about to Get Fired (And What Can You Do About It!)

Have you been getting a weird vibe at your workplace, lately? Like your colleagues are maintaining an awkward distance, the otherwise friendly boss is overlooking you at the...

Never do These four Things During Salary Negotiation!

Do we ever think, any job is better than having no job at all? The most common misconception about the job search is to accept the first offer, without any salary negotiation...

Hey Millennials! Consider these when you Network Online

"Trends come and go all the time, but style endures." The style of networking: an age-old way to connect with people (unrelated to you), has come around and how. Lately, Millenials have...

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