Friday, September 18, 2020
Soft skills that engineers must have

Soft Skills: The Newest Currency of Success for Engineers

When someone mentions engineers out of the blue, our minds veer in either of three directions. We either see someone surrounded by machines and parts, wires & tools, we imagine someone in a yellow...
Management lessons from Ramayan

14 Management Lessons To Learn From Ramayana

It is said that great knowledge and wisdom is passed on from one generation to another, that can be applied to your life no matter how much times change. Even today, the wisdom of...
Online courses and online education

Level Up Your Career With These Free Online Courses

Learning is life-long. Any job seeker or employee who is committed to self-improvement and self-growth would understand the importance of consistent learning to advance in his career. Learning and earning certification are no longer...
Appraisal VS COVID

Should You Expect A Raise Anytime Soon?

The impact of COVID-19 has not only hurt the businesses, but the future of employees too. With great uncertainty still prevailing, saving your job itself seems like a big accomplishment. However, the achievers will...

How To Reward And Recognise In The New Workplace

The absence of physical presence of employees in the workplace has put a void in the rewards and recognition dynamics. Earlier, teamwork and individual efforts were visible enough due to abundance of eyes around...
Curious employee

To Be Or Not To Be A Curious Employee?

If everything remains the same in the world, nothing would inspire anyone to do more. This belief also follows your behavior at work. Curiosity is something that helps people explore, adapt, and improve themselves....
offending people at work

Always Offending People At Work?

While we all are social beings, being the same everywhere is not a great way to be social. Your conduct of communication in the workplace defines how strong your professional relations become, and can...
Investing in yourself

Ever Thought of Investing In Yourself?

“Investment”, a word when heard instantly reminds you of putting in a lot of money. However, investment is not just that. It is an ever growing idea of bringing more capital from current capital....
PF Account Balance

Is Your Employer Still Depositing Your PF Money?

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a tremendous financial loss to businesses worldwide. Indian corporates are also struggling to manage their cash flow crunch right now. One method they have used as a resort is...

Multitaskers Can Badly Impact Your Whole Team. Know Why.

A trait that almost every individual includes in their resume can also be the one that can affect your productivity. Multitasking is a special skill praised by a lot of employers. However, there is...

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