Swiggy 3 lakh jobs

Swiggy to add 3 lakh Jobs in Delivery Logistics

Online food order delivery startup Swiggy has said that the company plans to bring on board an additional 300,000 delivery executives within the next year and a half. Swiggy co-founder & CEO,...

Sabbatical: Can a Time-Out Help Your Career?

A sabbatical is an elongated break that helps bring clarity and focus to the work you do. It offers the time to assess personal and professional life, achieve career and academic goals...
email vs reality

What do Emails From Bosses and Colleagues Really Mean?

Morse code is a communication system that converts letters and figures in dots and dashes. Considered to be one of the most sophisticated encryption tools, morse code is second only to the...
delhi pollution CPBC work from home

CPCB to Public and Private Offices: Let Employees Work From Home

The Proposal The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has recommended that private and public sector units should allow employees to work from home as a step to curb pollution. A...

How To Make Your Company Pay Out Your Dues

Labour Laws, otherwise known as Employee Protection Laws, are the laws that protect the labor and their interests, such as minimum working age, minimum hourly wage, and so on. A total of...

Unemployment in India: Propaganda or Fact?

An extremely sensitive topic for the Indian economy and people with opinions from all angles, let’s look at unemployment and pay attention only to the facts. In the most prosperous industry that...
Illegal interview questions

10 Illegal Interview Questions That You Need To Know!

There are moments in a job interview when the most prepared candidates can feel uncomfortable in answering certain questions. The interview questions that could be used by the recruiters to distinguish among...
Reasons You Should or Shouldn't Quit Your Job

When is the Right Time to Quit? Decide if You Should!

We’ve all had that one frustrating day where we’d rather get punched in the gut than go to our jobs which makes us feel like a waste. However, we remind ourselves of...
Jobs by Flipkart and Amazon

Over 1.4 lakh Jobs Created by Amazon and Flipkart!

E-commerce leaders - Amazon and Flipkart have recently rolled out over 1.4 lakh temporary jobs. Yes, you read that right!  Their festive sale that kicks off later this month has introduced vacancies...
Which Friends character to resemble your colleague

Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character does your colleague resembles?

After 25 years of airing the pilot episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on September 22nd, it’s time to relive the nostalgia, a sweeter time when winters were cold and summers were warm, not foggy...

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