Friday, September 18, 2020
Lockdown Automation

Learning From The Lockdown: Don’t Wait, Automate!

Scrolling through my feed and reading all those 2020 “vision” puns makes me roll my eyes. But, deep down I know how terrible this year has been and that its deepest impacts are yet...
Recruitment funnel

How Does COVID-19 Impact Your Recruitment Funnel

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the whole world. In terms of hiring, it has now divided businesses into 3 distinctions in terms of how they behave regarding recruitment. The first and the worst behavioral trend...
Remote employee benefits

Remote Employee Is Your Hero For Business Continuity Now

The Coronavirus outbreak brought drastic changes in the corporate world overnight. While many companies had to halt operations completely due to the lockdown worldwide, many had to shift to the remote employee concept as...
Difficult HR Conversations

Top 6 Most Difficult Conversations For An HR

Automation has made the life of the Human Resources department easy. But, there is one task that no HR can ever automate - Handling difficult conversations. If you ever had to choose between a...
Gig Economy

Is the Gig Economy Drowning the Job Culture?

With many people shifting from full-time jobs to freelance gigs, there is a serious trend change in the work culture. See how your organization can benefit from the gig economy.

How to Make Your Office Attractive to Millennials

Millennials now make up over half of the workforce, and figuring out what millennials want in the workplace should be a priority. Companies spend a considerable portion of funds to figure out...

Employee Retention Programs and Strategies!

Inconsiderate of the situations with no control in the hands of the employer, in the end, it's his money on stake if the employee turnover increases. Employee retention, on the other hand,...

How to Measure Your Employees’ Productivity

Most of the corporates and small businesses today concern themselves heavily about measuring employees' productivity. In the capitalist model of businesses where profitability rules the market, measuring productivity becomes very important for...

5 Things You Need To Do When Negotiating Salary

HR expert Laurie Ruettimann in a recent article, explains human resources leaders as "experience brokers” who operate as “liaisons and ensure operational integrity and excellence." Being in human resources, professionals usually follow...

8 Ways To Start Employee Engagement Activities Right Now

The term is well-known and most of us are well-versed with what employee engagement means and what benefits it can offer to employees and companies alike. Employees who feel engaged in the...

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