Benefits of remote workers

Can Your Company Benefit from Hiring Remote Workers?

“I am working remotely now!” Sounds familiar, right? Certainly! You will meet many people who have started to work outside of their corporate offices. More and more companies have now started realizing...
How To Connect And Convince A Passive Candidate To Join You

How to Connect and Convince a Passive Candidate to Join You

Recruiting a candidate is not an easy effort; especially, a passive one. It is very difficult to find, connect and convenience passive candidate to join you. These candidates...
Should Your Company Use AI In Hiring?

Should your Company use AI in Hiring?

There’s more to the hiring than just sourcing candidates. You see, aside from finding the best fit for the company, a hiring manager is also taken up by tasks like building a...

Best Hiring Tips you must Employ in 2019

The employment process is a tedious task; not just for the candidate but also for the employer. Most companies have a separate recruitment cell for this purpose; specifically dedicated to hunt and...
Artificial Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Recruiter vs Candidate

Emotional intelligence or EQ is one’s ability to understand and gain an accurate insight into an individual’s emotions. It gives insights into how an employee will manage and...

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