Unspoken Truths of the HR Industry

The job of an HR personnel sounds pretty simple in words and looks easy on the face of it, but that’s far from the truth. HR is the ever-operational, proactive department of...

The Ultimate Guide to HR Analytics

An HR is like that acquaintance of yours that you’ll never see nor need, once you’ve been hired. HR is a people-oriented function and much more than simply extending offer letters and...
free recruitment tool

Free Recruitment Tools that can make your Life Easy!

You thought the hiring process is as easy as it looks? Every year in India, 9 crore people take up a new job. Recruitment is not as easy as it seems. People...
Talent Waste - It’s damaging to both business and career

Talent Waste – It’s damaging to both Business and Career

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”- STEVE JOBS As a potential human resource, it’s not enough...
artificial intelligence

HR Tech 2019: Trends that’ll Shape the Future

Innovation in HR has added advantages; for one it has streamlined the complete enrollment process in terms of speed, accuracy, and cost. Revamping the HR model will see...
artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is reinventing Human Resources

Organizational leaders and recruitment officers have faith that merging artificial intelligence (AI) into the HR functions like onboarding and administration of benefits can and will improve an overall...

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