Thursday, November 26, 2020

6 Ways To Ensure Happiness During Remote Work

Let's understand the term - remote work. To understand in simple words, Working from outside the fixed office place is remote work. The structure of remote work is very...
Are employment bonds helpful?

Employee Bonds: How Far Are They Enforceable

The biggest issue that a lot of employers face today is attrition. In layman’s terms, it is what you can call job-hopping by employees. It is seen most frequently among the youth who have...
Recruitment funnel

How Does COVID-19 Impact Your Recruitment Funnel

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the whole world. In terms of hiring, it has now divided businesses into 3 distinctions in terms of how they behave regarding recruitment. The first and the worst behavioral trend...
Difficult HR Conversations

Top 6 Most Difficult Conversations For An HR

Automation has made the life of the Human Resources department easy. But, there is one task that no HR can ever automate - Handling difficult conversations. If you ever had to choose between a...
Gig Economy

Is the Gig Economy Drowning the Job Culture?

With many people shifting from full-time jobs to freelance gigs, there is a serious trend change in the work culture. See how your organization can benefit from the gig economy.

Employee Retention Programs and Strategies!

Inconsiderate of the situations with no control in the hands of the employer, in the end, it's his money on stake if the employee turnover increases. Employee retention, on the other hand,...

How to Measure Your Employees’ Productivity

Most of the corporates and small businesses today concern themselves heavily about measuring employees' productivity. In the capitalist model of businesses where profitability rules the market, measuring productivity becomes very important for...
Data Analytics in recruitment

How Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Recruitment

The rise of Data Analytics has revolutionized numerous industries all over the globe. And now it is creating an impact in the recruitment industry. One can easily say that data analytics in...
Vasi the new AI Chatbot

Vasi – Chatbot will Fetch You a Job or Your next hire

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking out for a job or a candidate to fuel your organization. Searching for the perfect job or a potential hire can invoke a sense...
German multinational and pharmaceutical company bagged the title of Best Employer in India

Aspirin Maker wins Best Employer in India 3 Years in a row

German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company, Bayer AG was recently given the title of the Best Employer of India for 2019. The study was conducted by global management consulting firm AON...

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