Thursday, November 26, 2020
Gaslighting at work

Gaslighting at Work: The Reality About Questioning Your Reality

Many people will not have heard of the term gaslighting at all, or only in the context of personal relationships. Basically, gaslighting is a psychological manipulation technique that involves subtle but constant invalidation and/or...
Boss vs leader

What Makes Leaders Different From Managers?

Everybody aspires to achieve a dream job and a great career in this world of competition and rat race. What if your role can make you a part of change and revolution within the...

Timesheets: A Necessary Evil

A word that brings a grimace, or at least a look of annoyance, in the face of any employee, is “timesheets”. From time immemorial, a negative culture has grown around timesheets. People hate it,...

Why Are They Against You Hooking Up With A Colleague?

Although companies don’t say it when new employees come on board, and it’s awkward for employees’ to ask this during induction, an office relationship is usually a huge no-no. It’s not even against most...
Employee resignation

June-July, The Unofficial Breakup Months

Breakups hurt real bad. But do you know what hurts even more? A breakup in the office. We are not talking about the breakup between two people, but the one between an employee and...

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