AI and Recruitment Automation: Boosting Recruiter’s Productivity

A lot of people are on the fence about adopting recruitment automation in their business. Recruitment is a hi-octane people-centric industry and has to interface with two critical resource groups – job seekers and talent managers.

Like any business, this space also needs KPIs to measure its success rate through a set of integral values that can be infused to pin down how effectively a planned HR business is meeting the objectives. KPIs make the recruitment automation tools like recruitment metrics more relevant from the perspective of key feedback tools for continuous improvement to analyze the depth and width of productivity.

How Does A Recruitment Automation Process Help?

On the whole level, the software helps you to track recruitment metrics like cost-per-hire, quality-per-hire, time to hire, applicants-per-opening, selection ratio, offer acceptance rate, performance-per-hire, recruitment funnel effectiveness, first-year attrition, customer delight (both recruiters & candidates).

They help you to make better hiring decisions. But this is not all. Here is all that a great recruitment automation software offers your business:

Human Engagement

Human engagement is at the heart of every critical appointment for this industry. This emphatically underlines building relationships, which plays a pivotal role in business success. When you can identify, develop and sustain true relationships with applicants, they get excited about your company’s underlying fundamentals, values, and goals and, relate their own to your mission and vision. This makes your hires become valuable investments and assets for your company.

Like Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and recruitment automation are all set to take the world of recruitment by storm. Above all, AI in HR and Recruiting is a game changer to dominate the hiring scene in the coming years. Globally, the recruitment scene has been fast evolving and buzzing with innovation.

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But a question arises

Now the big question is when the world is undergoing an exciting metamorphosis through a rise in recruitment automation tools by merging AI and traditional recruitment practices to curtail the tedious and mundane manual processing, why are we still using a technology that doesn’t support the evolving needs of recruiters?

There are many recruiting challenges that thwart the progressive flow of operations and hinder productivity. A few of them are:

  • Attracting the right candidates for the best fitment (in fact, you can’t hire great people if you don’t know what great looks like!)
  • Tedious screening process involving 50-60% of the time in matching JD to candidates
  • Improving the time per hire, thereafter bettering the cost per hire.
  • Hiring fast because vacant positions cost money and delay operations
  • Creating a new standard of candidate experience because it is a core element of the recruiting process
  • Creating an efficient recruiting process
  • Engaging qualified candidates
  • Using data-driven recruitment

Recruitment automation process for the win!

We must agree on both at the corporate and consultant’s end, a recruiter’s role and responsibility is beyond sourcing candidates and parsing resumes. They are also equally responsible for sustaining association with job seekers and clients (employers). They deem this extremely critical, compelling, and of paramount importance by any means in today’s competitive age.

Coupled with recruitment automation, this is instrumental and worthwhile for the business as well especially, when the HR Business Partner (HRBP) role aligns business objectives with employees and management in designated business units.

As a result, it is all about spinning productivity through higher benchmarking. HRBP is expected to serve as a consultant to management on human resource-related issues being an employee champion and change agent. Thus the demand for HR productivity is steadily on the rise promising a radical change on the HR landscape, where a shift from employee engagement to employee experience has been at the center of focus through a race to digitize HR and configure people analytics within the framework of organizational structure.

AI- The Heart of Recruitment Automation Software

AI, being a power of automation in a digital economy, is a productivity catalyst in all management functions including HR. Moreover, Recruitment is a two-sided market, where high value is created in very discrete time intervals.

Above all, the promise of AI for improving the quality of hire lies in its ability to use data to standardize the matching between candidates’ experience, knowledge, know-how, and skills and the JD of the firm.

HR departments in the companies and recruitment firms have an increasing amount of data, it is easier to be managed through AI and recruitment automation tools. This, in turn, helps them to identify the best fit for each position vis-à-vis the matrix from the past based on standardized resumes and (potentially biased) interviewers’ opinions, and because of which the companies are much more relaxed today.

How’s AI Helpful

AI and recruitment automation are helping to fill up the gaps and to make the process faster with adequate value addition in all the fields directly and indirectly connected to organizational productivity and stronger employee branding.

After all, how to showcase and blend a company’s culture, benefits, and employee stories into the hiring to encourage more applicants, is a big factor for successful employee engagement to lead by example.

In addition, intelligent digital recruiters who use a recruitment automation process can source candidates from anywhere in the world. This helps foster a progressive vibration of cultural diversity within companies. Moreover, AI can guide the recruiter if a candidate is potentially a good cultural fit within an organization and can represent the company’s goals and reputation.

So, with AI and recruitment automation, there’ll be no more:

1. Lengthy and complicated hiring processes

2. Recruiter-candidate relationship imbalance

3. Lack of credibility over a competitor

4. No more “talent waste”

5. Cost ineffective hiring

AI Will Ensure

  1. Improved candidate experience
  2. Candidate and resume screening – real-time vetting
  3. Better match rate [right candidate, at the right time, for the right job]
  4. Speed of application process
  5. Quality of application process to the tune of 90%
  6. Improved quality of hires
  7. Optimizing human equity
  8. Choosing the “best” from the best
  9. Simplified and streamlined Applicant Tracking System
  10. Automation of transparent candidate-recruiter communication

All Hail Recruitment Automation!

In conclusion, More than 70% of job-seekers admitted to having given up midway (during the lengthy hiring process) or losing interest in a role if they don’t hear back from the recruiter within a week.

Therefore, it’s important that recruiters invest their valuable time to interact & keep a job-seeker interested in an opportunity. According to a report published on HRtech, by 2025, the global economic impact of AI is expected in between $7.1 trillion to $13.1 trillion. Therefore, AI in recruitment will have an integral role to play.

Editor’s Note” Originally published on 2 April 2019 at 8:36 AM. Updated 16 April 2021.


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