AI-Recruiting – The Game Changer

Unknown to many of us, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our day to day life or business. Like every other profession, the recruiting sector has also taken up AI; witnessing a soaring success, specifically for the employment process. AI recruiting is quick, cheap and compact. It has great efficiency, speedier work and none of the constraints which come attached to manual labour.

From predictive algorithms to online simulations, AI uses innovative techniques. They zero down on candidates matching the job profile and make sure they have the qualifications sought by the company; thus, resulting in a large number of companies using AI for recruitment purposes.

With the recruitment process in safe hands, the company has now gained more hands to work on other fronts; resulting in increased and improved productivity. The AI, unlike humans, is not prone to bias. AI will make sure it picks only the best-matched candidates for the interview processes. It uses keywords and word flows to prioritize the applicants and segregate them accordingly. AI being unbiased gives people, the push to be more network active and encourages them to stand out through their profiles and resumes.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

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AI replacing humans?

Despite some firm beliefs, AI is not designed to replace humans. Instead AI will be simply enhance the work done by humans and increase productivity. As it’s a data-driven software technology, AI adapts to analyze and learn from Big Data; thus, stemming a smarter platform that helps in making better recruiting recommendations and sending automated emails and responses to the selected candidates.

Some firms also resort to using AI-powered chatbots to personalize and simplify job hunt for the candidates. If an AI system has a record of the candidate’s communication, then it can pinpoint what time will be suitable to reach the candidate. This also strikes the risk of missing job opportunities or quality candidates for both job seekers and recruiters, respectively.

AI’s ability to discreetly track the candidates benefits both the recruiter and the candidate.