Best Hiring Tips you must Employ in 2019

The employment process is a tedious task; not just for the candidate but also for the employer. Most companies have a separate recruitment cell for this purpose; specifically dedicated to hunt and hire top talent among the crowd. The members of these cells primarily go through tons of applications individually and then shortlist and contact all the eligible candidates to initiate the interview process.

These days’ companies are more focussed about a candidate’s skill-set and work experience, rather than educational qualifications. In addition to the above, they (employers) look for candidates with a good personality, as well as communication and social skills. Companies often pick an ‘all-rounder’ rather than going in for a candidate loaded with bookish knowledge.

Before we begin, let’s take a broader look at how the hiring process should and shouldn’t be.

#1. Don’t intimidate the candidate:

As if job interviews aren’t intimidating enough, an intimidating recruiter may add to a candidates’ woes. If you can’t make the candidate feel at ease, there are chances they might spread a word or two about you and the company, which might result in a long search for a suitable candidate.

#2. A capable workforce:

To beat the competition it is necessary to have a team of highly capable recruiters. These professionals should be well-acquainted about an employer’s need and try to be adaptive towards changing trends in the world of recruiting.

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To single out eligible candidates, you must employ these smart recruitment tactics. They will set 2019 off to a great start!

  • Employ the help of technology and business networking sites. They have a detailed description of the candidate’s job profile that makes fishing out eligible candidates easier.
  • It is important to pay attention to the employer brand, and its reputation as candidates. Often research their future employers themselves before applying for jobs.
  • Social media platforms play a crucial role in job and candidate search; whether it is about advertising about a job vacancy or promoting a job seeker. A large number of reputed companies depend largely on social media platforms and networking sites to hire candidates.
  • Another good place for recruitment is college placements. Here students who are still in their learning phases can be taken and moulded according to the companies perspective.
  • Consulting studies and researches before hiring candidates is a good call.   This way, one can know, how to, when and where to look for the right candidate. For example, which city sends out the most candidate or which gender progresses better in which field etc.