Free Recruitment Tools that can make your Life Easy!

You thought the hiring process is as easy as it looks? Every year in India, 9 crore people take up a new job. Recruitment is not as easy as it seems. People say that recruitment is like sales, well it isn’t. In fact, it’s a more entrepreneurial job than most of the other jobs. It takes a lot of hard work with non-stop energy and well-equipped communication skills. You have to constantly think outside the box on how to find, attract and convert the right candidates. An effective hiring process is a key to the smooth operation of an organization.

It becomes very overwhelming for the recruiter to manage the entire recruitment process manually. Human resource software are designed to help employees and management to perform at their full potential. They are made to ensure that recruiting is quick and efficient. These tools not just make the work of a recruiter easy but also provide a great experience to candidates and attract industry talent.

Some of the tools used by the HRs to automate their different tasks are as follows;

For Job aggregation For Resume Sourcing:

Jobs portals are the central source for data collection for the recruiters. Through the job portals, recruiters collect data and make the hiring. Some of the most used job portals are:

  • Indeed: Indeed is the biggest source of external hires. It is one of the most used job portals with thousands of profile already existing on the portal.
  • Vasitum: Vasitum is an AI-powered career platform aimes to bridge the gap between the recruiters and the candidates. It doesn’t provide sourcing but help in networking with other candidates on the portal. This platform is one of the eye-catching platforms of 2019.
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Testing and Assessment:

Companies use pre-hiring assessments to test the knowledge of the candidate before calling him/her for the interview, to make this task easier there are various tools used, such as:

  • Pymetrics Test: This tool is a bias-free algorithm to match candidates using neuroscience tests. This platform is one of the new platforms in the market. It has made its mark as a part of Unilever’s digital recruitment process.
  • Self-Management Group: It is termed as one of the most science-based assessments with over 35 years of data. It is available in more than 40 languages, which is one of its strengths.

AI and Automation:

With the new era of technology, the HR industry is moving toward Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. This is driving the most significant value in the HR industry. With highly available job there would be competing demands of resume and high recruiter headcounts, which is why AI and automation software would be in demand. Some AI based platforms are:

  • Ideal: It uses AI to screen and shortlist the candidates by analyzing rich candidate information. This then works within the existing ATS thus eliminating the need to learn new software.
  • Vasitum: It is powered with AI to improve and simplify both recruiters and job seekers work, thus bridging the gap between them. Vasitum gives an automated screening of resume. Not only that it sends automated follow-up and notification, but also collect the document and send reminder along with background verification.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

ATS is the biggest application tracking system that manages the recruitment and the hiring process including the job posting and application process. It organizes and makes searchable information about job seekers. Some ATS based platforms are:

  • Oracle Taleo Cloud (formerly Taleo): According to Datanyze, Taleo is acquired by Oracle which is a leading recruiting software in the ATS category with 23 %.
  • Through its automated assistant, wants to improve the employee experience. It schedules meetings, transcribes calls and creates departmental knowledge bases.

Video Interview:

Video interview plays a vital role in today’s recruitment process. It is usually implemented as a  preliminary interview, where the final decision isn’t made until the later stages in the process.

Some of the most used platforms are as follows;

  • Spark Hire: This is a popular video interviewing software with thousands of customers. This, in turn, gives the affordable feature of live interviews, one-way interview etc which makes the work of both HR and candidate easier.
  • Wepow: This software offers features such as mobile and online interviewing, white level employer branding and multiple language support with quick customer service. Some of its customers are Adidas and Heineken.

Therefore, the above-mentioned software help resolves a lot of problems associated with HR process from talent hunt to the final recruitment stage. These softwares not only helps in cost savings but also helps in hiring the best industry talent.