How to Connect and Convince a Passive Candidate to Join You

Recruiting a candidate is not an easy effort; especially, a passive one. It is very difficult to find, connect and convenience passive candidate to join you. These candidates are happily employed and aren’t actively looking for job opportunities & neither do they respond to recruiter outreach. Passive candidate sourcing, as a result, becomes one of the key challenges for recruiters.

A passive candidate hardly ever responds to job openings, as a result, recruiters are proactively searching for them; reaching out to solicit their interest. Passive candidates lack urgency for new job opportunities implies that they are less likely to be interviewed with other companies. This might mean less competition for you. It is also unlikely that they will lie or stretch the truth about their skills on their resumes; they don’t feel like they need to because you have reached out to them first.

Key to sourcing a passive candidate

Grab their attention and keep them engaged with you. Passive candidates are more satisfied with their current role and responsibilities than active candidates. This might not mean that passive candidates are open to better opportunities. So what would actually motivate them to make the switch?

Organizations spend a lot on job advertisements but its a waste when it doesn’t reach the right audience. There are candidates who are actively looking for a job and almost instantly reply to a job posting or an ad. And then, there are passive job seekers, who’d hardly check these ads.
The traditional hiring methods often tend to miss out on these passive candidates as they rely only on advertisements as a medium of recruitment.  There are many other things that can actually attract such candidates, but this also varies from recruiter to recruiter, as per the requirements. While some offer better financial benefits, others try to bid growth opportunities, travel & luxury as perks to these candidates.

A recruiter, when approaching a passive candidate, must ensure to do thorough research work on them (candidates), like what appeals to them, why did they switch from their previous job, what would actually motivate them to get on board with you, etc.

How to convince passive candidates:

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Ask for referrals from your employees

This is one of the best methods of reaching out to passive candidates. The company employees are familiar with the work conditions so they are the best channels to influence and motivate a candidate to join.  

Attend meetings and other events for networking

If you are looking for good potential passive candidates then it is important to visit such events and meetings. A candidate might not be interested in going for some job fairs as they are not directly looking for a job. They will surely attend certain meetings regarding bright future prospects. Hence, increasing the chances of roping in such passive candidates.

Strong online presence

Making a strong and consistent online presence in order to get noticed in today’s time is of utmost importance. One needs to be active on the internet that will provide the prospective candidates with all the information they require to know the organization. It will also attract those candidates with whom you are not in touch for long so make sure that you have a full-fledged functional website. Write out blogs. Discuss the developments in the field your organization is catering to. Highlight the work opportunities. In short, do everything that will attract the candidates.

Connect with potential candidates on social media platforms

Social Media is one of the best mediums to source passive candidates. One should keep the company profile up-to-date so that passive candidate can look at the organization details. Sharing employee testimonials would also be a great help. This will not only attract suitable candidates but will also help in your own branding. You could also follow befitting candidates. It will make them feel comfortable and give positive vibes about the company.

Don’t be a recruiter, be an expert

The top candidates don’t want to deal with recruiters as they are trying to earn their fee; they want to engage with individuals with industry experts who can understand the area they work in a better way. It is important not to force the candidate for applications, rather use this as a medium to establish a relationship that can build further.


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