How to Protect Employer Branding During Layoffs?

COVID-19 has disturbed businesses across the world. It has made companies confront a number of challenges. Sadly, the biggest problem or the negative results of COVID-19 is the enhancement in the number of employee’s dismissal.

Dismissal of employees is unavoidable. But doing it wrong can influence your brand identity. If the liberty, as well as furlough, is not well controlled, then the image of an employer can have a major attack on it.

How Dismissals Impacts Employer Reputation?

The effect on the discharge of the employees has more on the recent image of the employer. While dismissal, employees may observe that the company’s behavior as unprofessional as well as puzzling. The company may be seen to employees as uncomfortable as well as uncertain. COVID-19 is impacting the recruitment funnel and exit funnel.

In addition, when the employees who are recently working and who have left share their thoughts with each other either through speaking or on online platforms, this can cause a huge effect on the capable employees, building it hard to captive and keep talent.

4 Ways to Guard Employer Branding During Dismissal

1. Activity must connect with EVP

Marking an employer is not only about captivating talent rather it is also about how the employees are being handled when

  • They connect with the employer.
  • There is any type of emergency.
  • They left the employer.

The employee point of view totally depends on the company according to every interactivity by the employer through the time period of the employee lifecycle. Therefore, it is necessary that the actions so performed while at the time of crisis or otherwise are ranged up to the brand of the employer or EVP.

Like, if any of the components of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is giving any learning chances to the employees, which make sure that the leaders are giving a different type of mentorship, guidance, development along with training programs. The leaders or the employers should firstly think about the time available for providing a chance for reflection, learning as well as growth.

2. Assume a compassionate and respectful approach during the time of conveying dismissal

It does not matter whether the layoff of an employee is in person or through a virtual way, it should be dealt with empathy. The main point here is the way of communicating. The time you are going to convey about dismissal to the employee, the answers to the commonly asked questions should be ready. The way of communication must be clear as well as the attitude should be as polite as it could be.

Make sure that the information given is transparent that employees should know and understand the reason for dismissal and are not caught off guard. If the message so given is not clear or true, then it could result in a stain on the brand of the employer. 

3. Stay connected with the employees who are furloughed

Try to keep in touch with the employees who are furloughed as well as give them all the resources as much as possible and the recent updates. 

Convey them feelings of caring as well as need them back as early as possible, the time everything comes to normal. This shows the employees that the employer is involved and interested in the employee and waiting for things to get back to normal, this will make the employees feel like part of the organization.

4. Answering the employees’ review

Despite all the efforts mentioned above, some employees who are of an angry nature may post some views that are not favorable for the employer. These unfavorable views may affect the image of the employer. Hence, it is necessary to consider the growing reputation of the employer while making the strategies to cover up the damage if caused.

The strategy so made must also include answering the reviews of employees online. In a survey, it was found that more than 60% of employees change their thoughts by reading the responses of the employer.


If the employees who are laid off are not managed smartly can cause a huge impact on the reputation of the company as well as brand reputation. By making a good strategy for the furloughed employees, the image of the employer can be well protected which would assist in further recruitment as well as retaining the employees.