What do HR Leaders expect from Technology?

While there is a large scale fear that automation will replace the jobs and humans. Technology has become an indispensable of our everyday life. It has greatly transformed and enhanced the way we live and work. This focuses exclusively on bringing a select group of Human resource and IT professionals together, do to network and understand the rapid change of HR and workforce technology. So as to deliver a successful digital transformation strategy.

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HR in India

We see that HR in India is at crossroads, While they are currently discharging their duties. They, in turn, appear to be partially technology enabled and largely transactional in nature. Also, these clearly focus on the future and possibilities in the near future with the use of technology. Human Resource leaders are trying to make the right technological investments. This is in their journey to transform HR function aiming to improve the overall employee experience and strategic value delivered. This presents a very dynamic and encouraging marketplace for HR technology buyers and solution providers.

HR leaders expect technology to eventually take up most of the mundane transactional part. They focus on strategic interventions based on predictive analytical solutions deployed. Emerging technologies to be deployed in HR to achieve the vision. Some of which are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. Human Resource leaders are very clear that these solutions will come into existence. In order to create a unique and seamless employee experience across various HR processes throughout the employee life cycle.

Human Resource tech buyers select the right tools and more importantly provide a seamless user experience to its employees across multiple applications. This reason we expect to see more such integrations, partnerships, and acquisitions in the HR tech space in coming years. The industry matures and looks to solve specific business problems. This is good news for HR tech buyers as the pre-integrated solutions are likely to save time and cost while improving user experience and adoption.