Manager - Pricing & Revenue Analytics - SQL & Python/R (6-10 yrs)

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Data Analytics
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As part of Revenue Analytics, your role will comprise of the following:

Decision Management:

- Perform various business analyses to support decisions regarding pricing, such as profitability, market trends, pricing trends, price elasticity, new market entries etc. to help drive continuing profitable growth for company's product lines.

- Develop and drive decisional revenue and margin management solutions.

- Monitor effectiveness of pricing, revenue and margin initiatives with A/B testing and reporting.

- Create, democratize and monitor metrics on regular basis and work with functional manager to consistently raise the bar.

Define Data vision for the Revenue and P&L organization:

You should be a highly experienced thinker who will acquire a deep understanding of all business functions company perform along with the customers that company caters too, and their respective needs and behavior.

- You will not just be exposed to Business and Revenue team but will also think creatively with the CEO and other functional leaders to identify the Data gaps and proactively take ownership of the forward-looking Data road-map

- You will be responsible for data democratization. Translate all requirements/ performance criteria to KPIs and make it available to all functional managers for faster day to day decision making

- You will also lead the transformation of Revenue related product ideas from their most formidable stages into actionable concepts, timelines, and projects while maintaining a serious consideration of the financial implications, and the overall objectives of the business.

Defining core versus context: You will need to be thoughtful and judicious about making the right long-term data and product investments for the company business. You will also be tasked to identify these areas and work with the engineering team to ensure strong alignment.

Experience & Qualifications:

- Bachelor / Master's degree in business and or engineering

- 2+ years of hands on professional experience in growth/ profitability improvement or pricing analytic

- 6+ years experience in building analytic solutions

- Hands-on with SQL and Python/ R