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Avantha Technologies Limited
Uttam Sucrotech International
Harness The Power Of Automation
Augment your recruitment efforts with us
Annual Cost
Cut down upto 50% of your annual cost by reducing dependency on other job boards.
Screening Time
Save 40% of the time you spend screening and scheduling interviews.
Hiring Time
Reduce 30% of your time by entirely automating all recruitment activities.
Candidate Satisfaction
Keep your candidates twice as satisfied and engrossed throughout the hiring process.
More reasons why businesses choose us
AI-Enabled ATS
Automate your recruitment process with our cutting-edge applicant tracking system. Store, track and manage all your applicants’ data from one place.
Job Description Parser
Our AI-powered JD parser is robust, agile, and faultless. It processes your job description and converts it into a structured format so that you attract only relevant profiles.
Unrestricted Profile Views
Get unrestricted access to a progressive bank of candidate profiles on Vasitum. Connect with profiles you like and invite them to apply to your job vacancies.
Resume Repository
Broaden your talent pool and drive higher returns from your existing resume database by uploading them on our platform and creating an actionable candidate list- always ready for use.
Stakeholder Engagement
Vasitum allows you to connect with your stakeholders and keep them posted about updates and hiring trends. You can share automated reports and even schedule interviews.
Company Profile
Build an engaging, customized career site that tells your company’s story and active job openings to your potential applicants.
Your company's one-stop solution.
Everything you need in your recruitment arsenal and more.