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Exp. 2 - 6 Year(s)
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"Student Advice"
"Academic Counselor"
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2 - 6 year(s)
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Job Description

  1. Preferred graduate with good communication skills candidates with similar experience will be preferred
  2. Develops a network of alumni by identifying and training successful alumni willing to help recruit students; coordinating the network's activities.
  3. Develops a profile of students attracted to the college by conducting research; interviewing applicants; designing questionnaires for current students; analyzing questionnaire results; conducting focus groups.
  4. Evaluates recruitment techniques by determining the effectiveness of each recruitment technique used by admissions; discerning the appeal of admissions literature; defining the expectations of the college to be instilled in incoming students by the admissions staff.
  5. Recruits students by visiting high schools; attending college nights; visiting community colleges and technological institutions.