About Us

You don’t hire characters; you hire people, real people. They’re not looking for jobs; they’re looking for a career. However, sometimes it’s hard to find them and other times it’s hard to find the job that sparks a dream.

We, Vasitum, are a Tech startup focusing on solving the challenges of recruiters and job seekers alike. Our AI-enabled career platform automates the cumbersome and monotonous activities of the recruitment process. Paired with smart matching of jobs and talent, automated real-time screening and communication, Vasitum is a modern HR-powerhouse to accelerate recruitment.

Meaning ‘infinite’ in Sanskrit, Vasitum fills all the gaps throughout the entire recruitment process. The platform was created to foster everyone’s ability to reach their full potential.

With almost two decades’ worth of expertise in recruitment industry, Vasitum was founded by Vikram Wadhawan in January 2019. Vasitum inspires us to innovate because we know there’s a better way to connect right people to right career path. We are a group of passionate folks re-thinking ways to make talent and job/career search simpler, smarter, faster.


To be the most efficient career platform


Provide transparency and increase efficiency within the hiring process via minimal effort


Confident, Inclusive, Transparent, Efficient