Ever Thought of Investing In Yourself?

“Investment”, a word when heard instantly reminds you of putting in a lot of money. However, investment is not just that. It is an ever growing idea of bringing more capital from current capital. Keeping money aside, what is the best capital you possess that you can invest in? The answer is in the question itself, it’s “YOU”.

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do during the COVID19 lockdown. When everything has come to a halt, the time is perfect to bring more capital out of yourself. But, how do you do that? Just follow through to the end of these 5 amazing ways, and maybe you’ll find one in the next 5 minutes.

Get A Mentor

If you are active on social media, chances are that there would be a celebrity you follow and get inspired from too. Why not try the same for your own field of work too? Getting a mentor can be as easy as getting a good cup of coffee. You just have to be really good at judging it.

There are many websites that provide mentorship programs and private sessions at really low prices. As things in lockdown are already not going forward much, taking notes and knowledge from a mentor online is much more feasible and safer too.

Explore Education

We know that after so many years of schooling and graduation, more education seems too much to ask. But, this education is different from what you learned all these years too. While you are staying at home ensuring social distance at all levels, why not take the extra time on your hand for gaining more knowledge.

The type of education you should seek right now can be of the same field but of different aspects. For example, if you are a writer who is really good and experienced in writing blogs, articles and website content, try learning about copywriting for a change. This investment will not only give you more returns in the form of more money, but also faster career growth.

Build Your Network

No one is really busy anymore. With the current situation holding us down globally, every person has got more time to spare than before. Use this time to build your network. Networks are really an important form of social investment. The more people who matter know you, the better it is to gain reputation, accessibility, and capability to get things done for yourself.

One of the easiest ways to approach such people is through social media. If you find the Business Head of a good company posting some good stuff, go ahead and like and comment on it. Maybe start a conversation with that post itself. Become a strong acquaintance and it will surely help you when you need it.

Get A Side Gig

Fixed employees have always been happier than freelancers, right? Not really. There are pros and cons on both sides. But, every once in a while both of these work styles should collide. Why? Because change makes things interesting for a longer tenure.

If you are a full time employee, try getting a gig in a field you always wanted to be in, but couldn’t. The pay may be lesser than expected, but the adrenaline of mind freshness will give you more than just money. This investment will open doors that you never expected even existed.


Monotony is a critical element of both peace and dullness. A study conducted by Stanford University states that people who live a repetitive life usually have higher productivity drops than others. Reorganizing is one way to realign your productivity in such cases.

Ranging from changing the wall colors of your home, to setting up a complete workstation, everything counts. The study also said that if you are well organized, being messy for a bit can help you too. The investment here is to accept the change of structural fixation, and the returns are flexibility and productivity boosts.

“YOU” Are Important

Having some time with yourself may be really tough in the world we live in, especially in the current pandemic scenario. But, if you keep living without thinking about whether it impacts you or affects you, things won’t serve well for much longer. Try the above investment methods to have some fruitful returns in your life, both professionally and personally.


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