Habits That Are Ruining Your Reputation At Work

Habits are considered to be the prerequisite for behavior-generation. Behaviour is automatically prompted in situations as a result of learned cue-behavior/context-behavior associations. The resultant behavior encourages reputation building. In the competitive world of today, the workplace ethos is receiving much attention because everybody wishes to be seen as the winner and the conqueror. Therefore, the research on corporate reputation, corporate habits, corporate behavior has been conspicuously witnessed in the last decade. 

‘Reputation at work’ is an accumulated impression held of the individuals of an organization therefore, individual habits at work matter. This article lays forth a few of the habits which must be avoided at work. These have been taken into consideration under two aspects – Behavioural and Task-oriented.


  • It is important to show a certain degree of humility towards one’s juniors and subordinates. Ill-treating them is a major turn-off for the higher authorities and inclusive working environment. It also includes the helpers and servants employed to serve us. 
  • Workplace gossip should never be promoted as it indicates unprofessionalism and sometimes might also result in loss of trust amongst your colleagues. 
  • Making demands instead of requests isn’t an appreciable gesture especially when we’re in a professional or corporate setup. All get paid for the work they do therefore when some things are to be done through a different course, one must be polite enough to request. 
  • One shouldn’t encourage or exhibit biasedness of any sort at work. With a positive demographic dividend, we are equipped with a young and educated population that is expected to lead with reason and not bias. 
  • Erratic or inconsistent behavior confuses people, withers trust, instills uncertainty and fellow employees might show aversion to your presence. It shuts down possibilities of conversation. 
  • A high pitch of voice should always be avoided. Voice modulation is necessary whenever you try to make a point or criticize as it adds emotion and expression to the words which are conveyed. It sets the rhythm to which our ears respond.
  • Long intermittent breaks should be taken care of as they project you as fidgety, negligent, disorganized, purposeless, and unproductive. One can take several breaks but shorter ones.
  • In a workplace environment, one should never appear to be too imposing. Be it a colleague or boss, you must not impose yourself on others or collective decisions, but rather initiate a smart, logical, and reasonable conversation to make an impact. 
  • Skipping out early or waiting for the clock to strike 5 is unprofessional to the core. In case of any medical emergency or otherwise, the message must be conveyed to the higher authorities. Secretly skipping out or being too desperate about leaving makes you look ungrateful for the job and unwilling to be part of it. It also affects the productivity of your work. 
  • Sticking your nose into somebody else’s matter makes you seem like a person’ who’s got no job.’ Sensitizing to others’ issues must be done in a gentle and subtle manner and never in public. Constantly interfering or poking nose in everybody’s matters is not a healthy habit.
  • Social media addiction or excessive use of social media (for personal binge) is a habit that must be rectified at every cost. It reduces your attention span, makes you lethargic, exhausts you, hampers your productivity, and makes you seem ignorant and rude. You start being known as a person who doesn’t appreciate physical reality and the one without realistic goals. Such a reputation can be a major setback to your growth at work. 
  • Ignoring online reputation is not a choice these days. We must oblige to maintaining it as these days, the background check of the individual or organization altogether initiates from social media handles and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. We must not leave such a loophole for our rivals, competitors, clients, investors, etc. 
  • Not owning up to one’s mistakes and failures isn’t taken in good taste by the co-workers and the establishment. The quality which might set you apart is being responsive to both, your successes and your failures. It establishes the faith of the organization and fellow workers, in you. 


  • Another major turn-off is when the deadlines aren’t met. There’s nothing more annoying than not being punctual with work submission. In case of an emergency, a polite notification should always be sent, stating the reason for the delay.
  • Forged and inauthentic work must never be submitted. It depletes your chances of being original and you would lose your potential of introducing novelty or promoting innovation. Forgery makes you a culprit as it is nothing less than theft.
  • One must never rely on particular forms of communication (which are mainly indirect). As per the need and the desired outcome, forms of communication must vary ranging from an email to face-to-face conversation. 

It is important to learn that one should never be a Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer by being pessimistic and cynical about anything and everything. Also, not detaching personal and professional life can prove to be a very messy habit at work. 


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