Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Will the age of Automation be a Threat to Women?

In this age of automation, where new technologies are emerging, women and men are likely to face job displacement. The McKinsey report that studied ten countries stated that on an average of...
AI and Automation: Boosting Recruiter’s Productivity

AI and Automation: Boosting Recruiter’s Productivity

Recruitment, being a hi-octane people-centric industry has to interface with two critical resource groups – job seekers and talent managers. Likewise, every business, this space also needs KPIs to measure its success rate...
Should Your Company Use AI In Hiring?

Should your Company use AI in Hiring?

There’s more to the hiring than just sourcing candidates. You see, aside from finding the best fit for the company, a hiring manager is also taken up by tasks like building a...
Artificial Intelligence

What do HR Leaders expect from Technology?

While there is a large scale fear that automation will replace the jobs and humans. Technology has become an indispensable of our everyday life. It has greatly transformed and enhanced the way...
Artificial Intelligence

AI and Chatbot – Transforming Recruitment in 2019

Being a recruiter is a highly rewarding career but let’s face it, spending hours sifting through piles of resumes, screening hundreds of candidate, followed by the interview process can be a nightmare....

AI-Recruiting – The Game Changer

Unknown to many of us, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our day to day life or business. Like every other profession, the recruiting sector has also taken up AI;...
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Artificial Intelligence is reinventing Human Resources

Organizational leaders and recruitment officers have faith that merging artificial intelligence (AI) into the HR functions like onboarding and administration of benefits can and will improve an overall...

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