Illegal interview questions

10 Illegal Interview Questions That You Need To Know!

There are moments in a job interview when the most prepared candidates can feel uncomfortable in answering certain questions. The interview questions that could be used by the recruiters to distinguish among...
College Graduate Hiring

What Makes Hiring College Graduates so Frustrating?

On average, 4.75 million people join the labor force in India per year, an analysis of the Ministry Of Labour & Employment, Labour Bureau reported, over four years from 2012. When graduation...
How to judge a right candidate

8 Tricks to Assess if the Candidate is the Right Fit

Many of the recruiters and the hiring managers are very much aware of the red points and green points while interviewing applicants. The employers are always on the lookout for candidates who...
Benefits of remote workers

Can Your Company Benefit from Hiring Remote Workers?

“I am working remotely now!” Sounds familiar, right? Certainly! You will meet many people who have started to work outside of their corporate offices. More and more companies have now started realizing...

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Reveal Their Secrets to Hiring Top Talent

The largest social media website and the largest producer of electric vehicles, Facebook and Tesla, respectively, have some pretty high standards to maintain. They also have to maintain the same standards when...
free recruitment tool

Free Recruitment Tools that can make your Life Easy!

You thought the hiring process is as easy as it looks? Every year in India, 9 crore people take up a new job. Recruitment is not as easy as it seems. People...
How To Connect And Convince A Passive Candidate To Join You

How to Connect and Convince a Passive Candidate to Join You

Recruiting a candidate is not an easy effort; especially, a passive one. It is very difficult to find, connect and convenience passive candidate to join you. These candidates...
AI and Automation: Boosting Recruiter’s Productivity

AI and Automation: Boosting Recruiter’s Productivity

Recruitment, being a hi-octane people-centric industry has to interface with two critical resource groups – job seekers and talent managers. Likewise, every business, this space also needs KPIs to measure its success rate...
Artificial Intelligence

AI and Chatbot – Transforming Recruitment in 2019

Being a recruiter is a highly rewarding career but let’s face it, spending hours sifting through piles of resumes, screening hundreds of candidate, followed by the interview process can be a nightmare....

AI-Recruiting – The Game Changer

Unknown to many of us, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our day to day life or business. Like every other profession, the recruiting sector has also taken up AI;...

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